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Slobodan Nešović, PsyD, CEO


What is

Most athletes have worked with a performance coach or a sports psychologist in their career. The sport psychology profession has been around as long as competitive sports.

In this day and age, there are established aproaches that coaches take when helping athletes become the best they can be. Slobodan Nesovic, PsyD, is utilizing cutting edge methods by implementing energy psyhology and quantum medicine, which is a secret weapon to high energy performance. Our prediction is that most sports clubs will be hiring energy sports psychologists and peak performance coaches who utilise quantum psychology and medicine.

This trend is gaining attraction because of rapid results and the ability to prepare athletes for consistent peak performance.

Energy psychology approaches are best explained by quantum theory and they go beyond traditional methods for preformance improvement. It helps athletes to remain as healthy as possible while teaches them how to enter the Zone in few minutes as well as how to keep high energy levels throughout competitive cycle.

How is it


It’s possible due to the activation of your inner powers that will help you to access the Zone at will by learning necessary tools and elevating your bio-energy system.

With practice you could change the way you aproach the mental game, and begin the journey to command your ideal performance states.

Once you master the skills you could get in the flow state at will, and elevat your game to another level.

High-Energy Player Development

The Whole-Athlete Approach

What does The Whole-Athlete
Approach mean?


The Whole-Athlete Approach™ takes into consideration all levels of
performance to elevate your game to the highest level possible. It is a
process that you could master over time, and that helps you to keep growing
with your skills and power. Therefore, it includes the physical, psychological,
energetic, and spiritual experience. Being in The Zone is described by many
to have a refined aspect as well, such as loss of time, effortless movements,
no thinking, high execution of skills, etc. Becoming the Whole-Athlete is fun,
and it will help you to be the best player that you can be.

The Process


With help from a personal interview and testing tools, Dr. Slobodan evaluates and assists clients to zero on issues that prevent them from reaching ideal performance (The Zone) at will. This is usually done in the first two sessions and is considered a diagnostic stage.


In this stage clients receive assistance from Dr. Slobodan in defining short and long-term goals that fit athlete’s individual needs.
Athletes are presented with options how to reach those goals based on their unique talents and mental readiness.


Dr. Slobodan uses effective and proven ways to work with clients on inner strengths and improvement of mental and emotional skills. He incorporates energy psychology and body-mind techniques such as mindful movement. Also, he is collaborating with the experts in the field, such as Greg Warburton, a developer of Warburton’s Win


After reaching set goals athletes are offered support to maintain top levels of competition and continue to work on ideal performance through consultation online or in person with Dr. Slobodan. Becoming
the best is an ongoing process, because you can always be better version of yourself, each and every day.

How would you like to consistently achieve ideal performance no matter what life throws at you?


LA Sport Psych and Dr. Slobodan are offering cutting edge all sports player development.

If you need help with:

  • Getting ready mentaly for next season / competition
  • Mastering focusing and emotional processing
  • Developing skills to access ideal performances state consistently
  • Improving mental game post injury
  • Faster recovery time from injury
  • Awakening the best you can be

Dr. Slobodan

CEO, LA Sport Psych

“My passion for sports and
self-improvement has been burning
ever since competitive sport years.
I used that passion for learning
about sports science, performance
improvement, psychology, and
effective ways of healing.”

Slobodan Nešović, PsyD (PSY28761)

After playing with the NBA star Marko Jarić and being coached by
Serbia’s national basketball assistant coach Aca Petrović in high school,
Dr. Slobodan pursued his studies in the USA. He reached the Arizona
state final tournament as a member of the Ironwood HS varsity basketball
team in Phoenix.

He earned his bachelor’s degree at UCLA, masters, and doctorate degrees
at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies). He is a California licensed
clinical psychologist (PSY28761). He is a member of APA Division 47 –
Society for Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology and is in the
process of obtaining a CMPC certificate – Certified Mental Performance

Working with athletes has always been a passion. From basketball
refereeing to becoming ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified
personal trainer. Dr. Slobodan also coached Urban High School JV
women’s basketball team in San Francisco.

Dr. Slobodan now helps professional athletes reach and maintain peak
performance by using cutting edge energy psychology and body-mind

What can Dr.Slobodan
help you with?