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Dr. Slobodan Nešović
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY28761)
Dr. Slobodan Nešović
Licensed Clinical Psychologist (PSY28761)
Dr. Slobodan helped players and VIPs from the following organizations:
With competitive sports, expectations from fans, teammates, coaches, and the media foster pressure to perform, as hundreds, perhaps thousands of people watch and anticipate player’s every move. The psychological stress on athletes can create internal self-criticism, doubt, worry, frustration, depression, uncontrolled anger, and distracting thoughts that might be affecting their ability to reach peak performance. Unpredictable things like injuries or trauma could increase stress levels as well. Top athletes have enormous benefits from hiring professionals to help with mental and emotional training during or after recovery from injury as well as for improving and maintaining high levels of play when physically healthy.
It is beautiful to watch when athletes perform and when they appear to be in the flow, in the zone, effortlessly executing highly complex movements that leave us in awe. That state of being is what experts call Peak Performance or Ideal Performance, and it is difficult to manifest consistently without developing a proper mindset and working on emotional and mental training. This level of performance could be achieved by choice - not chance. Dr. Nešović is using evidence-based methods and energy psychology to work with athletes on the ability to command peak performance states consistently by developing an individualized approach specific to the needs of an athlete.
With help from testing tools and interviewing questions Dr. Nešović evaluates and assists clients to zero in on issues that prevent them from reaching peak performance at will. 
In this stage clients receive assistance from Dr. Nešović in defining short and long term goals that fit athlete's individual needs. Athletes are presented with options how to reach those goals. 
Dr. Nešović uses effective and proven ways to work with clients on inner strengths and improvement of mental and emotional skills. He incorporates energy psychology and body-mind techniques.
After reaching set goals athletes are offered support if they wish to maintain top levels of competition and continue to work on mental game through consultation by phone or in person with Dr. Nešović.
Meet Dr. Nešović
“My passion for sports and self-improvement has been burning ever since
competitive sport years. I used that passion for learning about sports science, performance
improvement, psychology, and effective ways of healing.” 
After playing with the NBA star Marko Jarić and being coached by Serbia’s national basketball assistant coach Aca Petrović in high school, Dr. Slobodan pursued his studies in the USA. He reached the Arizona state final tournament as a member of the Ironwood HS varsity basketball team in Phoenix.
He earned his bachelor’s degree at UCLA, masters, and doctorate degrees at CIIS (California Institute of Integral Studies). He is a California licensed clinical psychologist (PSY28761). He is a member of APA Division 47 - Society for Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology and is in the process of obtaining a CMPC certificate - Certified Mental Performance Consultant.
Working with athletes has always been a passion. From basketball refereeing to becoming ACE (American Council of Exercise) certified personal trainer. Dr. Slobodan also coached Urban High School JV women’s basketball team in San Francisco.
Dr. Slobodan now helps professional athletes reach and maintain ideal performance by using cutting edge energy psychology and body-mind techniques.

"Changes that I notice in myself after only three therapy sessions with Dr. Nešović are so fundamental that it will take a while for me to comprehend their true scale."

"Dr. Nesovic's method which includes a combination of physical exercise, meditation, directed conversation and energy interventions led me to a spiritual awakening at the key juncture in my life and was essential for me to continue on. Only now I am able to recognize the degree of my spiritual, emotional and physical numbness in the way I lived so far. This new energy I feel made my life so much more intensly in the "now" that even the decorative plants in my apartment finally sprang to life and started flourishing due to its effect."

dipl.ecc.mag.art. Miroslav Ničić Niče, Founder, Gruvlend LLC

"Although I first met Dr. Nesovic eight years ago when he profoundly impacted the way I live my life, just three brief recent encounters caused greater change than my entire individual effort in meditation up to that point."

"My newly acquired capacity and strength to face all the responsibilities and challenges at this turbulent moment in my life are the proof how much Dr. Nesovic's approach has advanced and become powerful in the meantime. My newly found energy, reinforced awareness, sharpened perception of myself and the world around me, as well as positive thoughts and emotions that were made available to me after his intervention, caused things to start happening for me in a way that allows me to claim total control of my life."

Nebojša Jovanović Nesh, MBA - VP Finance Systems, Union Bank

"Slobodan has a presence which is authentic, compassionate, and wise."

"He possesses a natural gift as a healer and a deeply cares about the well-being of others. I have known Slobodan for more than 10 years and I am truly grateful for his presence and his work in the healing arts."

Marissa, R. - Licensed Clinical Psychologist

"Dr. Slobodan is definitely a virtuoso when it comes to healing arts and energy work, devoutly spiritual and highly intellectual."

"He communicates and moves energies in such a way that I leave sessions feeling much lighter, humbled by the experience of divinity and inspired about life. Whether he helps me let go of pain or activates my self-healing abilities, Dr. Slobodan's approach should definitely be experienced by anyone who is looking for more balance and joy as well as profound spiritual experience."

Anita K. - Yoga Instructor

"I admired his formal education and academic achievements in the field of clinical psychology a lot. On the other hand, I was somewhat doubtful about implementation of Reiki and energy healing in his practice."

"I've known Slobodan for more than 15 years. I watched him study and develop various kinds of knowledge and skills that are very diverse, yet life universal. His interest in sports, anthropology, arts, social issues etc, made of him quite a renaissance man. I admit I know very little about Asian tradition of science and spirituality. I am sorry, but I am kind of a moderate sceptic. when it comes to all "New Age" life style hype. Nevertheless, Slobodan convinced me to try couple of sessions with him, because of my upper back injury 10 years ago. In spite of my skepticism - it worked. I don't know how he does what he does, but it works. Recently I have developed some kinds of phobias. I called Slobodan and he helped me right away. We are still working on it and I have no doubts that with his help I will solve my problems. Slobodan is the closest thing to real life Yoda or maybe Morpheus... at least that I know of :D"

Goran I. - Media Arts Professional

"He worked with me through my creative process and helped me find ways to move past my reservations and emotional blocks."

"Dr. Slobodan is a gifted and intuitive energy healer and a compassionate listener. I began working with him in Nov. 2012 to help me with my book.  We worked on focus through breathwork and he taught me valuable skills to help release stress and anxiety. Dr. Slobodan has been instrumental in helping me to achieve my professional goals. I am grateful for every opportunity I have to work with him."

Michelle Crisanti - Author/Artist
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